We supply a variety of underlays to fit all your needs:

Timbertech2 Acoustic Gold

Thickness: 5mm

Roll size: 8m²

Timbertech2 Acoustic Silver

Thickness: 4mm

Roll size: 15m²

Quickstep Vinyl LVT Underlay

Thickness: 1mm

Roll size: 15m²

Quickstep Silent Walk Laminate Underlay

Thickness: 2mm

Roll size: 7m²

Quicktherm Underfloor Heating Underlay

Thickness: 1.8mm

Roll size: 10m²

Quickstep Basic PLUS Underlay

Thickness: 2mm

Roll size: 15m²

We offer a wide variety of other underlays to fit any requirement. For advice or quotes on any of our products, please contact us.