Quick-Step® makes traditional techniques an affordable option with the Country collectionLaminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product built around a watertight, glued High Density Fibre (HDF) board fused together with a lamination process.

Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. The inner core layer is usually composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials.

Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity, perhaps because it is easier to install and maintain than more traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring. As our laminate floors from Quick Step (Unilin) are click boards it is possible to replace a single board if need be.

Laminate flooring also have the advantages of costing less than alternative flooring materials. It is reasonably durable, hygienic and relatively easy to maintain.

Quick Step laminate flooring we supply are packaged as a number of tongue and groove planks – these are clicked into one another.

Quick Step are modern laminate floor offering flexibility, style and years of service.

Installed Quick Step laminate floors typically “float” over the sub-floor on top of a foam/film underlay, which provides moisture and sound-reducing properties. A small (1-10mm) gap is required between the flooring and walls, this allows the flooring to expand without being obstructed. Skirting boards can be removed and then reinstalled after laying of the flooring is complete for a neater finish, or small beading trims can be fitted to the skirting boards.

It is important to keep laminate clean, as dust, dirt and sand particles may scratch the surface over time in high-traffic areas. Water spills aren’t a problem if they’re wiped up quickly, and not allowed to sit for a prolonged period of time.

Quick Step Laminate flooring consist of four layers:

1. Wear Resistant, Transparent Overlay

This top layer makes your Quick-Step floor resistant to wear, impact, scratches, stains, burns and household chemicals. It consists of several melamine layers that are pressed onto the HDF core board in a press, under high pressure and temperature. The surface layer is finished with a wood or tile texture/structure that is called ‘registered-embossed’. This means that this surface structure is perfectly in harmony with the design.

2. Design Layer

The design layer is a very high resolution photo of real wood or tiles that is reproduced with highly sophisticated printing techniques and finished with melamine resin. The combination of perfect design and surface structure makes the wood or tile imitation look extremely real and natural. This is the layer that defines the actual look of your floor.

3. A Moisture Resistant Glued HDF Core Board

This HDF core board is the heart of a Quick-Step Laminate floor. HDF means ‘High Density Fibre Board’. It consists of refined wood fibres and high quality melamine resin. It is a re-composed wood-fibre board which allows using all part of the tree. The board is very homogenous in composition and technical characteristics. It’s extremely durable, stable and highly moisture resistant.

4. A Balancing Layer

This moisture-resistant backing layer guarantees a perfectly balanced board that will not cup or bow when properly installed and maintained.

Laminate flooring is suitable for underfloor heating.

The Ultimate Flooring specialises in supply and fitting of laminate flooring.